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A story in the pictures...

Hortitech is a local business, owned and operated by Nick Kachmar. Established in Ottawa in 2012 with its roots stretching from “Old World”. Nick’s interest and dedication to the green industry was “grafted” back in 2006 during a student exchange program “Work & Travel”. While working on a grounds crew at an upscale camp resort of New England, beside a “Golden Pond”.

Summer work and travel adventure turned into a career after graduating from Algonquin college two-year Horticulture Technician diploma, gaining hands-on field experience, becoming newcomer to Canada, settling in Ottawa and establishing new, growing family.

With determination to turn career into a lifelong passion, Nick’s promise is to provide garden friendly services with attention to all technical aspects of everyday gardens. Combining and selecting only the best practices and great work ethic from “New and Old worlds” and passing it all along to clients.